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My mom just got so so defensive and upset when I said I won’t be able to see my dad tonight and that I’m leaving before she gets home from work tomorrow. I’m going to fucking college 5 hours away and I’ll be back in a month. Both times I’ve left for the military, once I was gone for 2 months with extremely limited communication, and the second I was gone for 5, my parents said goodbye to me on their ways to work. Before basic my mom said goodbye to me before I went to bed. I received zero life advice, no extra money was given to me, and no plans to visit me were made. Now all of a sudden I need all these fucking talks from them to ensure my success. I don’t understand how in their minds me sitting in class for 5 hours a day is a larger milestone than when I lived in Texas for 4 months doing combat training and 10 hours of classroom lectures for 5 days a week. Like I understand graduating college is really going to help with a good career. But I could go get some decent jobs with my military training right now too.